Entry #1

What's up?

2014-04-29 00:33:52 by Axelstation

Leave a comment if you'd like, otherwise stay for some snacks (I mean it'd just be rude to send you on your way when you came all the way over here).


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2014-04-29 00:42:56


Axelstation responds:

sup dude? that track in your news feed is totally sick =3


2014-04-29 01:26:23

Suppy sup :)?

Axelstation responds:

hey dude ^^ checked out your Impact remix, was pretty cool :D


2014-04-29 15:42:37

Thanks! ^^

So what's your favorite type of music? c:

Axelstation responds:

i'd probably say alt rock or metalcore, though i love all kinds really ^^ except country, not a huge fan of that particular genre :P you?


2014-04-30 06:03:42

I can enjoy all types of music but my favorites will be Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Gangsta Rap, Drumstep and alot more... ─‿‿─

Axelstation responds:

those are some good genres too =3 do you like listening to anything foreign?


2014-04-30 13:19:35

Yeah of course as long as it's good! ~_^

Axelstation responds:

well yeah that makes sense :P i tend to listen to a lot of Japanese bands, though i get introduced to a lot thanks to anime XD


2014-04-30 13:43:20

Anime huh? well try K-On's ending song it's the best ending i've ever heard! x3

Axelstation responds:

K-On is a great series, though which ending? They have 3 I believe :P


2014-04-30 14:36:26

First season.

Axelstation responds:

Don't Say Lazy? that song is pretty epic alright =3


2014-09-08 15:50:06

Hey hows it going.

Axelstation responds:

not too bad thanks, i hope you're doing well ^^


2015-04-25 14:15:47


Axelstation responds:

may the J's be with you sir


2015-06-22 17:46:16

Hmm, let's see... The sky, the ceiling, clouds, not gravity, the opposite of down... the newgrounds logo... the text up until this one... the f number keys... and the up arrow on my keyboard. Ya got any I missed?

Axelstation responds:

Well there's Superman, but no one cares about him anymore, so yeah, you're good :P


2015-10-24 17:09:51

I am subscribed to you on YouTube and when I logged into Newgrounds today i was greeted by your latest cartoon on the front page! Keep up the good work!

Axelstation responds:

I was surprised myself haha, but thanks for the support man! :D